Present with Confidence

Speak From Stage With Confidence!

Sell Product, Raise Capital, and

Drive Revenue

Speak From Stage With Confidence!

Sell Your Product, Share your message and

Do it With Clarity!



Live Speeches

500 M


In Lifetime Customer Value



Years Platform Speaking Experience

Learn from Robbie and Jason

Robbie Law

Turn every stage appearance into an opportunity for revenue. Robbie's 4-step Formula is your key to confidently closing from any stage.

Jason Hewlett

Author of “The Promise To The One” * Award-Winning Entertainer Mentor of Speakers, Celebrities, and C-Level Execs

Annie Law

Learn from the founder of Moment Mats as she shares about preparing for a presentation with meditation. She is yoga certified, Reiki certified, and sound bath certified

Meet Our Experts

Robbie Law

Turn every stage appearance into an opportunity for revenue. Robbie's 4-step Formula is your key to confidently closing from any stage.

Stacey Harkey

Harkey`s humor has been seen on the big screen and has tens of millions of views online.

Matt Moen

A comedy pro and producer who led Team Squad Media clients to 200+ million in sales. With a decade of crafting engaging content, he's your key to make your audience laugh and buy!

Your Audience Wants To Feel Confident In You

Confidence is sexy. When you feel confident in what you are saying, your audience can feel it. Learn how to connect, drive sales, and engage with your audience by presenting with confidence. During our time together, you will learn stage confidence from expert speakers.

Your Audience Needs Your Message To Be Clear

Be Memorable! If you want your message to land in the hearts of your audience it needs to be clear. During this event, you will learn a four step formula to make your message more memorable and impactful.

Location: Kiln - Provo Utah

2701 N Thanksgiving Way #100, Lehi, UT 84043, USA

Date: January 11th, 2023

Time: 01:00 pm- 5:00 pm MDT

Location: Kiln, 2701 N Thanksgiving Way, Unit 100 Lehi, Utah 84043

Registration Fee: $99

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What You Are

Going To Get!

2 Unique Presentations

Robbie Law teaches a four step formula to mastering selling from stage with Postur, his signature speaking methodology built on the psychology of influence and persuasive storytelling, equipping his clients to emerge as visionary leaders who inspire and drive change.

Jason Hawlett teaches individuals how to discover their Signature Move to elevate their stage presence. Learn to embrace your leadership potential through music, comedy, and storytelling.

Group Workshop

Mastermind with other aspiring speakers, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs, and executives to begin building your signature presentation.

Expert Instruction

Both instructors bring decades of experience. This will help you to learn with confidence during the training.

Professional Speaking Photos

After the event we will have a photographer ready to snap shots of you speaking on stage to use in your marketing materials!

Are you ready to speak confidently from stage?

Get unprecedented access to speaking experts Robbie Law and Jason Hewlett

They are a perfect combo for your success!

Our Event


Session 1

Jason Hewlett

Present With Confidence

  • Prepare for video and the stage

  • Practice Methods

  • Mindset Preparation

  • Increase Audience Engagement

  • Reduce Nervousness

Session 2

Robbie Law

Story Formula

  • Use technology to capture your best content

  • 3X your credibility

  • Attract others to your message using the storytelling outline

Location: Kiln Lehi, 2701 N Thanksgiving Way, Unit 100 Lehi, Utah 84043



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